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Vroom Vroom… Art Village Nursery is now offering bus transportation service!

The bus picks the children up every morning and carries them to and from the nursery. The children are accompanied by assistant teachers from the nursery. For details about areas of transportation...
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Settle Your Child into Their New World

There’s a rite of passage in the journey through parenthood that can cause us mums and dads no end of anxiety – placing our child into the care of others. Even the most easy-going parent...
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Gardening at Art Village Nursery

Besides that gardening is lots of fun and an activity children really enjoy, it is also very beneficial for them, and a great way for them to develop many different skills. One of the things children...
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Hope you all had as much fun during Halloween as we did at Art Village Nursery. Halloween is a great holiday for children since they get a chance to dress up, trick or treat, and eat lots of candy....
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