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Swedish Curriculum

We work according to the Swedish preschool curriculum and offer a safe and healthy environment that fosters children’s physical, intellectual, psychological, social, emotional and creative development.

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Reggio Emilia Philosophy

A nursery should be fun, safe and educational for all children. That is why we work with four parallel profiles: Song & Music, Dance & Movement, Theater & Drama, Art & Design

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All children ages 1 to 6 years are welcome to partake in the safe, harmonious and creative environment that Art Village Nursery offers. With us, we are confident that your child will build a strong self-esteem, good friendships, and explore their desire to play and learn.

Our Awards

Award Winning Nursery

Art Village Nursery in Jumeirah 2 is a branch of the award-winning Amadeus Preschool in Stockholm, Sweden. In 2017 and 2020 the nursery was rewarded with Edarabia’s Parent’s Choice Award. In 2020 the nursery was also rewarded the Prestige Awards for the best nursery of the year in UAE. Making us one of the best nurseries in Dubai. We are a Reggio Emilia inspired nursery and have a pedagogical approach that is deeply rooted in a humanistic philosophy of life. At Art Village Nursery all children are given a great platform to express, share, investigate, research, create, explore, try on hypotheses and much more. All this to challenge and develop their abilities and create life long memories. At Art Village Nursery we have a great emphasis on the importance of creating a respectful, accepting, encouraging and loving atmosphere and learning environment where children can feel freedom to express themselves and explore in a way that they see fit. 


hartland international school
Hartland International School

Hartland is a school where you want to be; as a pupil, a teacher, and as a parent; a place of learning and discovery, a place of creative thinkers and problem solvers, a place of laughter and friendship, a place where each child gets the individual attention that they deserve.
Clarion School Dubai

A place that believes in the power of curiosity that lives within each and every child. Our mission is to ignite and keep alive their endless quest for discovery. A child with a curious mind will forever be empowered for the possibilities of an undefined future.

Collaborating for a Green Future


Art Village Nursery, Electrolux and Goumbook working together for a green future.

Over the past three years, Electrolux has successfully contributed in creating and spreading ways we all can help make this rapidly growing region more sustainable, through many activities of which the biggest is The School Sustainability Program. This time it was Art Village Nursery who had the privilege to contribute…

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“As a mother I feel that the importance of having a safe (but fun) educative environment for my child being a priority for me. Art Village Nursery has that ”learn through playing” approach that I’m looking for. The teachers are so loving and supporting! You can really feel that they care for the children individually…Another…


“I just LOVE this nursery!!!! They have the most amazing staff members!!! Always friendly and caring!!!! They have big spacious class rooms and small amount of kids in a class so each child has individual attention. They keep you updated via an app so you know what has happened during the day and add pictures…

Kat and Brian Ballinger

“When we decided last year it was time for our son Alex (3 years) to start a nursery, I spent loads of times visiting many nurseries in our local area, comparing everything from facilities, fees, class size, teacher/student ratio and so on. After careful consideration we have chosen ART VILLAGE NURSERY and we feel we…

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