“Planting a Ghaf tree today means cleaner air for generations tomorrow!”

Over the past three years, Electrolux has successfully contributed in creating and spreading ways we all can help make this rapidly growing region more sustainable, through many activities of which the biggest is The School Sustainability Program.

This time it was Art Village Nursery who had the privilege to contribute to a greener environment by planting Ghaf trees.

Noor from Electrolux together with Nasrin from Goumbook started the morning by introducing the program, sharing knowledge about Ghaf trees and the environmental benefits of them in U.A.E.

We went out to our garden, where the children planted a seed of a Ghaf tree and shared their dedication card stating who they were thinking of when planting the trees.

With a focus on sustainability in the region, Electrolux has planted more than 20,000 Ghaf trees so far and has pledged to plant 5,000 more by the end of 2019. At Art Village Nursery, we planted around 40 trees to support the program.

The purpose of the initiative is to raise awareness about the importance of sustainability with the future generation, as well as educating and engaging young children, whereby they can learn how we all can make a difference to take better care of Mother Earth.

Eco-awareness is an essential part of the Art Village Nursery organization and philosophy.

The program has and continues to reach thousands of school children, teachers, and parents with the aim to raise awareness of our responsibility to our Planet.

We here at Art Village Nursery will keep in touch with Nasrin and Goumbook to follow the growth of our precious trees, and hopefully, when they are ready to be placed around Dubai, we can get some more planted in the community near us.

Thank you, Electrolux and Goumbook, for creating beautiful memories together with us here at Art Village Nursery!


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