“Art Village Nursery has a very unique approach working with children. Their different art forms give children the opportunity to explore the world through active learning.”


“I love their philosophy! Great staff, and they have CCTV which makes mothers feel calm”


“Really nice educated and certified teachers. One on one dedication and nice brand new place. They are interested in people get to know them and their work. Surprisingly No kids crying “


“Art Village Nursery has an amazing facility and great staff!”


“Art Village. I couldn’t be more happier with a nursery. I changed my daughter’s nursery from a British curriculum to Art Village and couldn’t have made a better choice! The staff are all educated, both teachers & assistant teachers. The lead teachers are all western educated. What I like about their approach is that they really give a lot of effort into one o one approach and get to know every child individually to understand their needs and strengths completely. My daughter started in September and I can see such a huge difference and development in her already. She is also more confident, happier and more playful. They also provide FOOD! Yes, they give fruit, milk and snack. They also give FRESHLY MADE LUNCH every day! It’s just such a bless for a working mother like me. AND they have CCTV, basically you can log on any time to watch your LO. They also allow you to settle in your child as long as needed, so basically you can be with your child at the nursery until your child is settled even if takes weeks! I can’t recommend them high enough. 100% satisfied and a great big thanks to the nursery for giving so much care and love to the children.”


“My experience at Art Village nursery is one of great enjoyment. My daughter says it’s the best nursery she has been to. Their teaching approach is one of the best, it is so much more relaxing but yet children benefit from it tremendously. Learning is how it is meant to be! Fun and enjoyable. Children learning through play and learning to opportunity.”


“As a mother I feel that the importance of having a safe (but fun) educative environment for my child being a priority for me. Art Village Nursery has that ”learn through playing” approach that I’m looking for. The teachers are so loving and supporting! You can really feel that they care for the children individually…Another big plus for the big space that the children have. Clean and full of day light! I can’t even put in words enough on how satisfied I am for having my child there and for chosing Art Village as my nursery.”


“I am a mother of three children. Two of my children have been to other nurseries in Dubai, Germany and Kuwait. I have never been as satisfied with a nursery as I am now. The only reason for this is because of the staff members working at Art Village. They are truly amazing! I feel so comfortable having my little one there every day. Visit them and you will love them!”


“What a wonderful nursery ! I couldn’t expect better for my daughter ! It is just the best with an amazing staff with a so professional manager. I would recommend it million times!”


“I Love this Nursery so much and also my daughter Love to go to this Nursery always. All teachers are Nice and like the kids. The Nice thing is that they have lunch they give to our kids, and this help me to not worry about my kids food much. They send also email to all parents every week all information we need and answer me fast when i need them. I really recommend this Nursery !!”

Isra Adel