“Art Village Nursery is the best Nursery i have been in.i visited many nurseries but i Did not find like art Village. I wanted to change Nursery because i moved far fr.o.m. Art Village , But could not because i and My kids like tjis Nursery. Art Village the best one, i really recomend IT. I have my Two kids and tjej Love the Nursery and they feel happy Every dag in murning they on way to Nursery . They have Nicke teachers and Nice Friends. The Nursery is so Clean and fresh. When they are back fr.o.m. Nursery they feel happy and they are not hungra because the Nursery give them Food until the kids feel happy. My daughther started in Nursery she could not english and now she speak very well. I see My kids For Every day better. I see how they change to the better. Thank u art Village and i hope u allways u be better and better. Like allways. Really recomend the Nursery”