“Art Village. I couldn’t be more happier with a nursery. I changed my daughter’s nursery from a British curriculum to Art Village and couldn’t have made a better choice! The staff are all educated, both teachers & assistant teachers. The lead teachers are all western educated. What I like about their approach is that they really give a lot of effort into one o one approach and get to know every child individually to understand their needs and strengths completely. My daughter started in September and I can see such a huge difference and development in her already. She is also more confident, happier and more playful. They also provide FOOD! Yes, they give fruit, milk and snack. They also give FRESHLY MADE LUNCH every day! It’s just such a bless for a working mother like me. AND they have CCTV, basically you can log on any time to watch your LO. They also allow you to settle in your child as long as needed, so basically you can be with your child at the nursery until your child is settled even if takes weeks! I can’t recommend them high enough. 100% satisfied and a great big thanks to the nursery for giving so much care and love to the children.”