Here Are Some of Our Parents' Insights:

“Art Village Nursery has a very unique approach working with children. Their different art forms give children the opportunity to explore the world through active learning.”


“I love their philosophy! Great staff, and they have CCTV which makes mothers feel calm”


“Really nice educated and certified teachers. One on one dedication and nice brand new place. They are interested in people get to know them and their work. Surprisingly No kids crying “


“Art Village Nursery has an amazing facility and great staff!”


“Art Village. I couldn’t be more happier with a nursery. I changed my daughter’s nursery from a British curriculum to Art Village and couldn’t have made a better choice! The staff are all educated, both teachers & assistant teachers. The lead teachers are all western educated. What I like about their approach is that they really give a lot of effort into one o one approach and get to know every child individually to understand their needs and strengths completely. My daughter started in September and I can see such a huge difference and development in her already. She is also more confident, happier and more playful. They also provide FOOD! Yes, they give fruit, milk and snack. They also give FRESHLY MADE LUNCH every day! It’s just such a bless for a working mother like me. AND they have CCTV, basically you can log on any time to watch your LO. They also allow you to settle in your child as long as needed, so basically you can be with your child at the nursery until your child is settled even if takes weeks! I can’t recommend them high enough. 100% satisfied and a great big thanks to the nursery for giving so much care and love to the children.”


“My experience at Art Village nursery is one of great enjoyment. My daughter says it’s the best nursery she has been to. Their teaching approach is one of the best, it is so much more relaxing but yet children benefit from it tremendously. Learning is how it is meant to be! Fun and enjoyable. Children learning through play and learning to opportunity.”


“As a mother I feel that the importance of having a safe (but fun) educative environment for my child being a priority for me. Art Village Nursery has that ”learn through playing” approach that I’m looking for. The teachers are so loving and supporting! You can really feel that they care for the children individually…Another big plus for the big space that the children have. Clean and full of day light! I can’t even put in words enough on how satisfied I am for having my child there and for chosing Art Village as my nursery.”


“I am a mother of three children. Two of my children have been to other nurseries in Dubai, Germany and Kuwait. I have never been as satisfied with a nursery as I am now. The only reason for this is because of the staff members working at Art Village. They are truly amazing! I feel so comfortable having my little one there every day. Visit them and you will love them!”


“What a wonderful nursery ! I couldn’t expect better for my daughter ! It is just the best with an amazing staff with a so professional manager. I would recommend it million times!”


“I Love this Nursery so much and also my daughter Love to go to this Nursery always. All teachers are Nice and like the kids. The Nice thing is that they have lunch they give to our kids, and this help me to not worry about my kids food much. They send also email to all parents every week all information we need and answer me fast when i need them. I really recommend this Nursery !!”

Isra Adel

“The nursery is excellent. My son is very happy at the nursery, he gets excited when he sees the school bus outside to pick him up to school. The environment is clean and the facilities are modern and age appropriate. They are very strict with security in which as a mother gives me such peace of mind. They also provide healthy meals for the kids and it’s very cheap. The staff on all levels are excellent and not only care for but love and support my son. I highly recommend this nursery!”


“The nursery is one of a kind! Everything from the approach, the facility and the staff working there. I had my daughter at a British nursery before and changed to Art Village Nursery. The best choice I have made! My daughter cries and wants to stay when I come to pick her up. I really like their philosophy and approach. They teach children through play and I now understand that children benefit from it by seeing the development of my child since she started there. Their security policies are great. It is VERY clean and the rooms are spacious and light. They also provide with food that my daughter absolutely loves. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!”


“I just LOVE this nursery!!!! They have the most amazing staff members!!! Always friendly and caring!!!! They have big spacious class rooms and small amount of kids in a class so each child has individual attention. They keep you updated via an app so you know what has happened during the day and add pictures of your child!! They also make healthy lunch for the kids. So one less worry for me!! My son is extremely happy at this nursery and even cries over the weekend when he cant go to nursery!!!! I would highly recommend this nursery to anyone!!!”


“Art Village Nursery is the best Nursery i have been in.i visited many nurseries but i Did not find like art Village. I wanted to change Nursery because i moved far fr.o.m. Art Village , But could not because i and My kids like tjis Nursery. Art Village the best one, i really recomend IT. I have my Two kids and tjej Love the Nursery and they feel happy Every dag in murning they on way to Nursery . They have Nicke teachers and Nice Friends. The Nursery is so Clean and fresh. When they are back fr.o.m. Nursery they feel happy and they are not hungra because the Nursery give them Food until the kids feel happy. My daughther started in Nursery she could not english and now she speak very well. I see My kids For Every day better. I see how they change to the better. Thank u art Village and i hope u allways u be better and better. Like allways. Really recomend the Nursery”


“My son loves Art Village Nursery and doesn’t wants to go home when we come to pick him up. The nursery provides excellent activities and I love that the kids rotate between the different rooms beside their own classrooms, e.g. the art room, music room, song and music room and the library. The outdoor facilities are very good with a big outdoor area where the kids can play and also grow their own plants etc. The staff are very caring and friendly. The nursery also provides freshly cooked food and snacks which is an advantage and has made my son explore a lot more new foods. I also love that there is an option to select from extra-curricular activities, such as football, where there is a professional football coach who comes to teach the kids how to play. Would recommend Art Village to anyone who is looking for a holistic nursery where the learning is adapted to the individual child’s needs. Come on Papa we’re late!” is my wake up call most mornings. Its time for Nursery and my daughter Sitara is pulling me towards the front door. She looks forward to Art Village Nursery everyday and when it’s the weekend she talks about going back on Sunday! There she has learnt to be independent, make friends, build trust with her fantastic teachers Ms. Fiza and Ms. Belle and embrace the different activities like yoga, football and zumba to name but a few. It is her home away from home. My wife and I can’t wait for Amaara, our younger daughter, to start at the Nursery and be part of this close knit family. When i came For first day in art Village Nursery with my husband and kids. We all loved the Nursery directly. My Dauther Who first attend the Nursery could directly go to Nursery and play without any problem, and when we came back to take her home she was very Happy. She start when she was 2 years old and she continue until now. When she started she did not talk English, and now she talk English good. My son started after My Dauther Jumana, he have been there now For 1 year, and he feel very Happy and me also. There is more good thing with art Village, that They have swedish system, which like a mum Who was living in sweden be Happy to put her kids in such Nursery with swedish system. They have also swedish classes For kids which is also good. The best thing also, that the offer food in school, so if i forget or if i did not have time to do food home, They Will give My kids food all day, the food is made in the art Village Nursery daily. One thing that is most important that They allways do event and meeting For the parents and kids, there we have chance to meet all teachers and parents and to share What we like, What we want and to enjoy time together also. I really recomend this Nursery For you parents, you and your kid Will feel Happy from first day your kid attend the Nursery, and Will continue in Nursery until last day For the kid and you Will see your kids improving each day. I Want to Tell you that also you have every year teacher meeting about your kid, How he/she work and What to do better so your kid can improve better in Nursery.”

Isra Adel

“When we decided last year it was time for our son Alex (3 years) to start a nursery, I spent loads of times visiting many nurseries in our local area, comparing everything from facilities, fees, class size, teacher/student ratio and so on. After careful consideration we have chosen ART VILLAGE NURSERY and we feel we made an excellent choice. Alex has progressed so much since attending AVN and we noticed amazing improvement especially in his vocabulary and independence. Facilities in AVN are fantastic- lots of shaded outdoor space, cozy library room, funky dance studio, colorful art room, bright classrooms and the most importantly- wonderful teachers and support staff that help Alex to blossom every day. We also appreciate that nursery management is very flexible, easy to communicate with and keeps the parents well informed. Despite a recent nursery location change, which means double the travel time for us, Alex will continue attending AVN next year as he is really happy there and so are we. “

Kat and Brian Ballinger

Thanks to all amazing families and our stellar staff, we are one of the best nurseries in Dubai